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Self-guided backpacking in the Torngat Mountains

Explore Labrador's Torngat Mountain National Park! Travel through some of the most remote regions left in North America on one of these self-guided backpacking expeditions into the Torngat Mountains of Labrador. Known as a remote and unexplored region, the Torngat Mountains are one of those rare places on earth where you can still see nature as it was a thousand years ago. The glaciers have hewn through the crest of the mountains to create gigantic oceanic fjords. The rivers erosive force has formed the extraordinary canyons and the continents collisions have heaved and folded the Labrador coast to expose the earth geology like an open notebook on the Quaternary Era. This package is perfect for individuals or small groups interested in exploring northern Labrador and destinations in the newly created Torngat Mountain National Park, where you can see the nature as it was thousand of years ago.

Self-guided backpacking in the Torngat Mountains

These self-guided expeditions include your flight from Montreal to a modern lodge in Ungava Bay in northern Quebec. From here you will have the help and expertise of the staff at the lodge to carefully plan your adventure. You choose your own route and the lodge will arrange the logistics such as drop off and pick up locations and food drops. Scheduled radio communication with the lodge will help to ensure a safe journey. There are several route options to choose from. You may decide to spend your entire time hiking along the Labardor Coast. This coast is a land where polar bears, whales and falcon thrive. Hiking along the coast you will watch the caribou from close up and see distant massive icebergs. You will discover a coast carved by ancient glaciers, passing beautiful sights such as Murphy Head and Whale Island. Following the shore of Kangalaksiorvik Fjord, you will discover some Thule campsites thousands of years old. Reaching Kangalaksiorvik Upper Lake, you will have the chance to observe a rare species of fresh water seal. Your exploration can be pushed even further by climbing Tower Mountain to revel in the magnificent panorama. For the adventurous paddler, you can combine hiking with an exploration of Nachvak Fjord by kayak or canoe. Or, for the avid mountain climber, the Torngat Mountains provide the challenge enjoyed by internationally experienced climbers. The Torngats are totally barren and some of the peaks even harbour small glaciers. Among the tallest peaks are Mount D'Iberville (5400 ft), Cirque Mountains (5100 ft) and Mount Cladonia (4700 ft). The choice is up to you and the goal is to provide you with professional services and expertise to make your ideal expedition a reality.

Self-guided backpacking in the Torngat Mountains

Season: July 25, 2014 to August 23, 2014
Requirements: Backpack, sleeping bag and pad, all food, camping and cooking gear. Packing list will be supplied. Equipment rentals available for foam ground pads, sea kayaks, canoes, rubber rafts and plastic barrels.
Suggested Items: Camera, binoculars, daypack, sunglasses, sunscreen.
Suggested Clothing: Warm coat, long sleeved shirt, fleece or wool sweaters, long pants, wind pants, rain gear, hiking boots, sneakers, hat, gloves, long underwear, wool socks.
Difficulty: Advanced/Difficult
Equipment Provided: Comprehensive CD Travel Planner with detailed pre-trip information, food air drop at your chosen location, scheduled radio communication with the base camp.
Transportation: Trips originate and end in Montreal, Quebec. The package includes flight from Montreal to the Torngat Mountains.
Accommodations: Accommodations are in your own tent campsites along the route. Accommodations on the transfer days are in private cabins at the base lodge with hot shower facilities.
Meal Information: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included at the lodge during the transfer days.
Guide Information: Expertise and planning services included from a local lodge.
Weather Information: Summer temperatures will range from 0 to 20 degrees Celsius during the day.
Comments: This trip is within Torngat Mountains National Park Reserve and that all visitors must contact the park office and register prior to entering the park. Registration and safety information on the park will be supplied upon booking.
Trip Duration Price
10 days
$4600.00* per person
Longer trips are available for no extra cost.
*Please add 5% Goods and Services Tax , 10.00% Provincial Sales Tax

If you have any questions or would like more information about a particular adventure, please email us.

Self-guided backpacking in the Torngat Mountains


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